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Rosario, a city facing the river, has many options to commune with nature. The imposing Paraná river, which runs along the city, can be enjoyed, not only from the extensive green areas of the downtown coast parks, but also from the beaches, with a vast extension of sand located in the northern area of the city. Visitors can also make speed boat trips, ride aboard Ciudad de Rosario Boat or make kayak rides. Crossing the river to the islands in a matter of minutes is another option to enjoy the beaches and to appreciate a wonderful view of the city.


Parks and walks

Rosario is the Argentinean city with the largest green area per capita. Large interconnected green areas offer balconies to rest and an appealing array of services along the coast. Independence Park and Bosque de los Constituyentes forest are the two must-see green spots of the city. Rosario is a city where you can enjoy outdoor activities.



At Rosario's beaches, you can relish the sun and the river at their best. On the city side of the river, vast extensions of sand can be found in the northern area of Rosario. The multiple facilities available at the other side of the river allow visitors to commune with nature in the middle of the Paraná river's delta.


River activities

Visitors can enjoy the Paraná river and experience a unique connection with nature by practicing different water activities, such as kayak rides, Stand Up Paddle surfing, or taking rides in a motorboat, rubber boat or sailboat.


Country day

In the surroundings, visitors can appreciate the countryside and enjoy traditional dishes in complete contact with nature.