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Ernesto Che Guevara LATAM Study Center (CELChe, in its Spanish acronym) is located in “Galpón de las Juventudes” an underground facility, addressed at 950 Belgrano St

This building, which is horizontally arranged, features a multidisciplinary approach aimed at building knowledge democratically and collaboratively.

CELChe offers to enrich our background knowledge on Che's life based on historical traces and symbols, while assessing former popular remembrances and contemporary social movements.  It offers the possibility of looking back to our past beliefs and letting them question our present and future ones.

This Study Center was created in 2011 as a project that spots Rosario as a cultural hub from South America.

It was born out of the need to foster integration between Latin America and the Caribbean through sound research by exploring and spreading the cultural heritage of our nations.
Commander "Che" Guevara, the worldwide icon who led the way into 20th century's transformations in Latin America, should also be seen as Ernesto Guevara: the traveler, the man of action, the intellectual, the politician, the literature and photography lover, the teacher and the change agent for social progress. So much so that to redeem Che implies the demanding task of immersing him into the complex reality of 21st century Latin American and Caribbean men and women.

Within this context, CELChe (which depends on the Department of Culture and Education) aims at raising awareness about how relevant it is to fully grasp the complex nature of popular, everyday cultural endeavors so as not to look down on them as being inferior.
That is the reason why CELChe is designed to be an interdisciplinary system with a versatile multi-language and a fluid institutional dialogue.

Permanent exhibit:
There is a permanent exhibit  - Che, Poética de un Hombre Nuevo (Che: the Poetics of a New Man), entirely built upon archive records.

It offers a tour in order to unravel Che’s personality. Our archive records provide us with sound evidence on his childhood, trips, works, reading favorites and the Cuban Revolution. In fact, all of these topics become even more meaningful when assessed in the light of his greatest legacy - his own internationalist mission.
His greatest legacy reflects how hard he fought so as to free his land, the one he was willing to sacrifice himself for.
In Che's words: "...without asking anything of anybody, without demanding anything, without exploiting anybody."

Moreover, the specialized library at CELChe has a wide variety of bibliography about Latin American thoughts, available for any requests.

Address: Av. Belgrano 950
Schedule: Lunes a viernes de 9 a 14 h. Entrada gratuita
Entry: Entrada Gratuita.
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