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Main Cathedral

Built on the grounds of the chapel that gave spiritual aid to the first inhabitants.

Before the Cathedral was built, here stood the first chapel of the urban settlement known as "Pago de los Arroyos". In 1731, the parish books were started with the first baptism. Hence, two images of the Holy Virgin were sent from Santa Fe: one of the Holy Conception, and the other of the Holy Rosary. The latter was kept here, and it gave name to the city. The present temple was built during the 19th Century. Its outstanding characteristics are the Altar built in Italy in two different tones of Carrara marble, the frescos in the Central Nave, and the bas-reliefs depicting the Stations of the Cross. In the basement, there´s the Virgin’s Room, with an image of the Virgin of the Holy Rosary, brought from Cádiz in 1773.

Address: Buenos Aires 789
Schedule: Abierta de 8 a 13 h. y 17 a 20.30 h. Misas 8.45, 11.45 y 19.30 h. Sábados misas 8.45, 11.45, 18 y 19.30 y domingos 9, 10.30, 12, 18.30, 19.30 y 20.30 h.
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