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Teatro El Círculo

The world-famous theater was an unthought-of place to perform in by the young musicians willing to play in Rosario.

However, history would prove otherwise after the successful presentation of Juan Carlos Baglietto’s disc “Tiempos difíciles” at Obras Club on May 14th, 1982. A week later, the same phenomenon took place at El Círculo Theater. The show was a sort of reward from a city which, in general, had ignored the young musicians who were now gloriously returning from Buenos Aires and whose disc would sell more than 120 thousand units. One year before, a few meters away, at the former Café de la Flor (Mendoza St. 862), Baglietto recorded along with his band the music demo which granted him a contract with the record label EMI.

Address: Laprida 1235, S2000 CFO, Santa Fe, Argentina
Phone: 543414483784
Schedule: VISITAS Lunes, miércoles, viernes y sábados | 10.30 h Consultar: RESERVAS Para grupos numerosos, instituciones y escuelas: AGENDA:
Entry: $4000. Menores de 18 años $2000. Menores de 7 años gratis.
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