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La Isla de los Inventos (Invention Island)

A place to play and learn, along an old railway station.

The Invention Island is located at the site of the Old Railway Station of Downtown Rosario, keeping the same travelling spirit, searching for new experiences. At both sides of the former main platform there are different rooms or workshops that offer attractive and original ways of playing, experimenting and learning.


Invention Island is divided into five sections:

  • The Railway Platforms: this is a public space used to hold interactive exhibitions and shows. It involves playing games and learning vocabulary to introduce children to science and includes water trains and boats on rails (interactive exhibition about the city of Rosario for children and adults).
  • The Endless Room: it is aimed at acquiring knowledge through perception, imagination and concept development. This is a space in which to talk about philosophy, physics, genetics and other subjects. It includes the attraction “What’s Time?” (science, art and language).
  • The Factory: a space that pays homage to the world of work. In it, children and adults can design and create a range of objects. It includes the following attractions: “A Toy is Born;” “Scale Models”: a Vespa motorbike, puppet theater with an educational twist, a pop car.
  • The Railroad: train cars, signs, rails and a grade crossing keeper’s cabin help to tell the story of the old Rosario railway. It includes the following attraction: The Railway Station of Downtown Rosario, Playing Our Way into History. Children can visit the railway installation and the platform outside, the grade crossing keeper’s cabin and the train cars.
  • The Experimental Center for Teachers and the Cultural Center for Children: this is a research center for teachers. Small performance hall. Video screenings. Aimed at encouraging new approaches to education.
Address: Av. Wheelwright 1402, S2000ACN Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Phone: 5493415789115
Schedule: Viernes a domingos y feriados de 14 a 19 h
Entry: 500 (menores de 4 años, gratis)
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