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Right over the river on a kayak

Exploring the vastness of the Paraná River and its islands right over the edge of the water on a kayak is an unparalleled experience.

Rosario owes its passion for this activity to the river —the ideal environment for paddling. At La Florida beach resort, unforgettable experiences await right into the heart and silence of the islands delta.
If you’re unexperienced, crossing the river could be a challenge in itself. The complexity of the activity lies in the fact that you’ll be crossing a very wide course with strong currents on a small rowing boat. This is the reason why before having a go you need to learn and practice the basics. But it’s not difficult at all and you’ll find yourself enjoying it very quickly. No previous experience is needed and the only requirement for this activity is to be a fan of outdoor life and be respectful with nature.
Through the islands delta, you’ll sail along lagoons and small streams and then enter one of the largest wetlands in the world, plowing through the water in silence, enjoying the local flora and fauna right from behind the scenes.
“Al Otro Lado del Río” (link) offers this experience with departures from La Florida. There are 3 to 6-hour tours, which include a snack or lunch, apart from a guide who provides information on the local flora and fauna. You can also perform bird watching.

Address: NVA Rosario Santa Fe AR, Av. Eudoro Carrasco 2035, S2005 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Entry: Consultar precios.
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