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There's no city like Rosario to make a quick trip with your couple or friends.

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Rosario LGBT+

Discover outings in the most gay-friendly city of the interior of the country.

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From urban circuits to river trips, visitors can fully enjoy the city.

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Rosario LGBT+

Discover outings in the most gay-friendly city of the interior of the country.

Coming to Rosario means visiting a pioneering city in recognizing and defending the rights of the LGBTIQ community in Latin America, an open-minded, cosmopolitan city also known for its non-stop cultural life. The city also boasts design shops, spas, large shopping malls, gourmet gastronomy, coastal green areas, and river trips.

To make sure you don’t miss any of the highlights and to plan your own tour, we recommend downloading the Rosario Tourism app, which gives you access to circuits, interactive maps and alerts on points of interest whenever you’re nearby.

Art and creativity are the essence of Rosario. You can visit design shops and art galleries, or explore craft fairs on weekends. To go shopping, there are also open-air shopping facilities, especially in Córdoba Promenade and, a bit further, the Paseo del Siglo shopping mall, apart from the major shopping malls.

Health and Relaxation
If you would like to reserve some time for yourself, there are many running tracks, fitness clubs, spas, and beauty salons offering the latest trends in beauty and health, including the most exclusive proposals available in the five-star hotels.

Outings and Tours
The local travel agencies offer city tours and multiple thematic proposals to explore the city. Apart from those options, don’t forget to take the guided tour of El Círculo Theater, an icon of local architecture and culture. It is also possible to enjoy trips along the Paraná river; you can choose from a simple boat trip to a more exotic outing in a yacht, which might include sushi and champagne while sailing accompanied by the silence of the wind.

Emblematic Places
During the day, while taking some of the urban circuits, we recommend visiting the Diversity Walkway. Situated in the downtown coast, it is a meeting point for annual movements and events, such as the LGBT Pride Parade. 
Another emblematic place for the gay community is the commemorative plaque located in the Civic Square, which pays tribute to those who suffered persecutions and arrests due to their sexual orientation.

The local gastronomy itself is good enough to visit Rosario. There are excellent restaurants specialized in gourmet cuisine, but you shouldn’t miss the homemade beer and ice creams. Another must is asking for river fish, the regional gastronomic specialty, in one of the coastal restaurants.
There is also a good number of gay-friendly nightclubs and bars, among other places that welcome members of this community. In addition, don’t forget to check the cultural agenda, —you’re sure to find an interesting theater play or show to attend.

Interesting Facts
Rosario was one of the first Latin American cities to legalize marriage between non-resident foreigners (i.e. Tourists) without regard to their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 
It was also the first Argentinean city, and the second one in Latin America, to include sexual diversity in its public policies agenda, a fact that was put into practice through the creation of the Department of Sexual Diversity, which is a branch of the Ministry of Welfare.
Also, the local City Council gave to widows and widowers the right to receive the pension of their former LGBTIQ spouses working at the Council, being the first explicit acknowledgment of social security rights in Argentina.

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