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There's no city like Rosario to make a quick trip with your couple or friends.

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Which are the highlights that spread more smiles and clapping among children?

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From urban circuits to river trips, visitors can fully enjoy the city.

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From urban circuits to river trips, visitors can fully enjoy the city.

City tours, trips, walking circuits, shopping malls, museums, architecture and gastronomy are some of the highlights to relax and have a good time.

Guided Tours
Some places of interest, like the National Flag Memorial and Firma y Odilo Estévez Municipal Decorative Art Museum, offer free guided tours. We also recommend taking the guided tour of El Círculo Theater, an icon of local architecture and culture. 

Outings and Tours
Among all the options available, have at least the following three in mind:
- Local travel agencies offer city tours and multiple thematic options to explore the city.
- If you enjoy walking, explore the downtown coast and discover some of the highlights between the Flag Memorial and Puerto Norte.
- Take one of the river trips throughout the Paraná. There are several options: from boat or speedboat trips to more exotic outings in a yacht.

Following the Track of Famous Artists from Rosario
Rosario is the most Argentine city of Argentina! Rosario is the birthplace of the National Flag, Olmedo, Fontanarrosa, Ernesto Guevara and Lionel Messi. If you’d like to follow the track of the most famous locals, you can download Rosario Turismo app, where you’ll find the following circuits:
- Che Circuit: A tribute to the birth and the early childhood of Ernesto Guevara.
- Fontanarrosa Circuit: It includes places (like El Cairo bar) that were part of the daily routine of this great writer and humorist.
- Olmedo Circuit: Featuring Pichincha neighborhood and the stories from the childhood of this beloved and unforgettable actor.

The creative works of local artists, with different techniques and media, can be seen in the craft fairs. You’ll also enjoy the antique fair Mercado Retro, which has thousands of objects that are more than 25 years old.
For a more traditional shopping experience, you can also visit the open-air shopping facilities, especially in Córdoba Promenade and, a bit further, Paseo del Siglo shopping mall, apart from the major shopping malls.

Art and Architecture
Open up the senses and feel the arts, the avant-garde and the history infusing the air of Rosario's museums. Among other options, you should at least visit three museums that offer unique experiences: Juan B. Castagnino Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario (Macro) and Firma y Odilo Estévez Municipal Decorative Art Museum.

If you like architecture, Rosario is an ideal city to let yourself be amazed by buildings and detail discovery. Download Rosario Turismo app to take the Heritage tour, which will guide you through the most emblematic buildings along  Córdoba Promenade and the downtown area. You’ll also find Oroño boulevard captivating, with mansions of varying architectural styles at the sides.

Rosario has many gastronomic offerings, so you’ll certainly be able to indulge yourself. There are at least three local specialties not to be missed:
- Order freshwater fish in one of the restaurants located in the Paraná river coast.
- The “Carlito”, a sandwich in sliced white sandwich bread with ketchup, ham, and cheese, available with a variety of delicious fillings.
- The wide variety of ice-creams earned Rosario the designation “the National Capital of the Homemade Ice Cream.”

In either big or small halls, theaters and amphitheaters, the cultural agenda has something for everyone. If you like Argentine folklore music, tango or salsa, you’ll also find the right place for you in Rosario. You can also try your luck at City Center casino, one of the biggest entertainment centers in Latin America.

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