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R. Fontanarrosa C.C.

In the centrally-located “Plaza Santiago Montenegro” (Santiago Montenegro Square), the Center is home to a variety of artistic and cultural activities and annual events. It also hosts conferences and conventions.

In its thirty years of hectic cultural life, it has welcomed the likes of Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Gelman, Osvaldo Soriano, Héctor Tizón, Angélica Gorodischer, Federico Andahazi and other literary luminaries. From the fields of Philosophy and the Social Sciences, Fernando Savater, Nicolás Rosa, Beatriz Sarlo and Eliseo Verón have also walked its halls. Acclaimed actors, directors and authors, such as Darío Grandinetti, Hugo Arana, Virginia Lago, Carlos Carella, Juan José Jusid and Roberto Cossa are part of its history too, as are the masters of graphic humor Grillo, Caloi, Crist, Sábat, Rep, Napo and the great Fontanarrosa, as well as the most distinguished names in plastic arts: Enio Iommi, Víctor Quiroga and Fabriciano Gómez, to name but a few.

Always to the forefront, the Institution organized and hosted such high-profile events as the International Poetry Festival (1992/2008), the International Conference of Women Writers (1998 and 2000), the Conference of Latin American Women Writers (2002) and the International Conference on the History of Photography.

Moreover, local, national and international conventions, as well as scientific, academic and professional symposiums are held there regularly.

Address: San Martín 1080
Phone: 543414802401
Schedule: Miércoles a domingos y feriados de 10 a 19 h. Lunes y martes cerrado.
Entry: Gratis
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