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India Paddle Surf

Surf table rental, sale and school.

This new space is located inside the facilities of La Florida beach. This sport is very simple; the tables used are similar to surf’s, but larger, which makes them even more stable. The oar has only one blade and a handle so you can easily paddle on both sides. There are two fundamental safety measures required: the use of a life jacket and a leash; that is, a strap that attaches to the board and is fastened to the ankle or knee. It takes only one class to learn to paddle standing on the board, which will give you a broader perspective and view of the scene. This is a fascinating sport in which body muscles are put to work simultaneously with every paddle stroke, with the extra thrill of moving over the surface of water standing on your feet.
Certified instructor: Victoria Lotto


Address: NVA Rosario Santa Fe AR, Av. Eudoro Carrasco 2035, S2005 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Phone: 5493416526327
Entry: Gratis
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