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Gallardo Museum

An interactive and cultural experience that blends natural sciences with games and learning.

The Provincial Museum of Natural Sciences Ángel Gallardo surprises its visitors with a proposal adapted to our times. At first sight, it looks like a huge art installation; a place to nose around, to read, and to be carried along by different experiences. Even though specimens of sloth, cougar, camel, guanaco, rhea, maned wolf, yacare caiman, or South American river otter can be found in the museum, dissected animals are shown almost as a secondary attraction.

Instead, differently from the old museums of natural sciences, man is regarded as an essential part of the natural environment, supporting a critical socio-environmental paradigm and looking for the participation of the public.

Address: ARY, San Lorenzo 1951, S2000 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Phone: 543414721449
Schedule: Martes a viernes de 10 a 18 h. Feriados y fines de semana de 14 a 18 h. Lunes cerrado al público.
Entry: Ingreso libre y gratuito.
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