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La Invernada Coasts

The island, facing Rosario’s coast from the opposite side of the river, includes several facilities.

Isla Verde
This is one the most classic spots. Visitor can pick among several beach bars to spend the day. On one end of Isla Verde, there’s the open coast of the river, with a pronounced sand slope. On the other end, toward the central area of the island, there’s a sand beach surrounding a 2.5 acre wide and 4 feet deep lagoon, ideal for families with kids who enjoy sunbathing and going for a swim in calm waters. There's also a nice grove area with amenities such as restrooms and barbecue grills. Some of the activities offered are football and beach volleyball. Isla Verde beach bar is a vast indoor seating area which can accommodate 130 visitors. Camping allowed; tables and chairs available for rent ($100 for six people, per day). 

El Bodegón
This place is right next to Isla Verde (together they amount to more than 900 feet of beach area). This place is most popular among young visitors. The bar, located very near the coast, boasts a double-height terrace which offers the best views of the river. Same as in Isla Verde, a sand beach surrounds the lagoon toward the central part of the island. Other amenities offered are a camping area and barbecue grills.

More places to visit
Further southward, visitors will find La Pulpería del Kayakista, La Casita de Enfrente, El Bambú, Club del río, Rancho Aparte, and Windkook, among others.

Useful Information
There are no power lines on the islands, so power generation may be limited and it’s normally restricted around midnight.

Address: Isla Invernada
Schedule: Durante otoño e invierno es sólo con reserva previa.
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